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Lodi’s Full-Service Dry Cleaners & Laundry Service

Lodi Dry Cleaners

When you need to find a dry cleaners in Lodi and you’re not sure where to go, consider Tumble In Dry Cleaners. We can offer you the reliable service you need for dry cleaning, stain removal, and laundry service.

Our technicians have mastered the art of the dry cleaning as well as custom service. We’re devoted to the satisfaction of each and every customer. Take a look at the services we offer and then feel free to call with any questions. Our friendly staff is happy to assist you!

Dry Cleaning & Stain Removal Services in Lodi

Tumble In Dry Cleaners offers the best in Lodi Dry Cleaning & Stain Removal Services. We provide consistently reliable service and quick turnaround for your dry cleaning. If you prefer, we can even offer our laundry pickup and delivery service to your family or business!

  • Silk
  • Wedding Dresses
  • Collared Shirts
  • Area Rugs
    • Draperies
    • Handbags
    • and more

    Lodi Laundry Wash & Fold Service

    Our Laundry Wash & Fold Service is a very convenient way to get all your laundry done. Whether you need service for your family or your Lodi business, we’d be happy to take over the laundry washing and folding for you.

    Let us know if you’d like us to hang certain items on a hanger instead of folding them because we can do so for a nominal fee.

    Delivery & Pick Up Service For Lodi

    In addition to doing the laundry for you to make everything easier, we can help you with Delivery & Pick Up Service in Lodi! Contact our professional dry cleaners to find out more about how our service works!

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    Lodi, NJ

    If you are looking for a dry cleaning expert in Lodi, NJ, then please call 201-994-6797 or complete our online request form.